Final Exam: A Defense of Shakespeare

Group Presentations Next Week!

For Friday: Cesaire, A Tempest, Act III

For Wednesday: Cesaire, A Tempest, Acts I and II

For Friday: Criticism on The Tempest

For Wednesday: The Tempest, Act V

For Monday: The Tempest, Acts III & IV (sorry for the delay!)

Short Paper #2: Re-Writing and Appropriations

For Wednesday: The Tempest, Act 2

Shakespeare Set to Music

For Monday: The Tempest, Act One

For Friday: Why Does Everyone Need Chinese Opera?

For Wednesday/Friday: Chinese Shakespeares

Criticism: Nahum Tate, Samuel Johnson, Charles Lamb, William Hazlitt, A.C. Bradley, Jan Kott, Peter Brook (pp.169-181)

For Monday: King Lear, Act V

For Friday: King Lear, Act IV

Schedule Changes and Mid-Term Paper Assignment

For Monday: King Lear, Acts 2 & 3

For Friday: King Lear, Act 1

For Monday/Wednesday: Manga Shakespeare's King Lear

For Wednesday: Critical Readings of The Merchant of Venice

For Friday: The Merchant of Venice, Acts 4 & 5

Short Paper #1 assignment

NOTE: Questions for Wednesday are a few posts down...

Resources for Twelfth Night Group

Resources for The Taming of the Shrew Group

Resources for Othello Group

For Wednesday: The Merchant of Venice, Act Three

Questions for Acts 1 and 2 of The Merchant of Venice