Final Exam Information

Final Exam for Shakespeare: Thursday, May 10th @ 11:30 

I’m going to take select passages from Bevis and van Es’ book and ask you to respond to them using two of the plays from class—so bring 2 books at least! You can use more plays if you like, but you  must demonstrate knowledge (through quotation) of at least two plays to respond to these ideas about comedy, character, conventions, time, and satire. You can also bring Bevis and van Es’ books with you if you want to explore the context of a passage or simply quote from them as well. But the gist of the exam will be several short essays using Shakespeare’s text as support. Remember, the exam is worth 15 pts. out of 100 pts. total for the class, so as long as you show awareness of the ideas we've been discussing all semester, and feel confident about at least two of the plays, you should do well. 

Good luck!


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